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Thorougly enjoyed this. I enjoy the witty writing of FRM newsletters, it sort of satisfies a the depravity of it that I feel in South African media writing (also i'm superrrrr stoked i found some good south african media on substack to add to my long list of subscriptions). Tiffany is very interesting, may I even say a breath of fresh air. I really enjoyed their take on fashion and their described love for colour. Their take on food excited me a bit too much. I'm not even a fan of food or cooking, but i think its really cool how it was listed as part of their enjoyed artforms, that perspective is really intriguing I must say. Begging Tiffany to plug all the eight ways they've mastered cooking an egg lol.

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Thank you for the beautiful feedback! <3 Glad you loved Tiffany's newsletter–More to come always #frm

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